24 de setembro de 2011

Frases celebres dos videogames

1. “It´s me, Mario...” (Mario)

2. “Kawabanga!!!” (Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles)

3. “Eu não sei sobre os anjos, mas é o medo que da asas ao homem!” (Max Payne)

4. “... O cara que aceita muitos riscos acaba perdendo tudo. Claro, e o cara que espera muito pouco da vida, poderá não conseguir nada no fim...” (Mafia)

5. “Let´s rock.” (Rock in Roll Racing)

6. “Thanks, Fox. I thought they had me.” (Star Fox 64)

7. “EA Games - Challenge everything!”

8. “September 28th, daylight, the monsters hav overtaken the city, somehow, I''m still Alive...” (Resident Evil 3)

9. “Hey man!” (GTA AS)

10. “Sub-Zero Wins… Fatality!!!!!” (Mortal Kombat)

11. “Wow! What a mansion!” (Resident Evil)

12. “I live... again!” (Blood)

13. “You're crazy? OK! OK! OK!!!” (Driver)

14. “Ahh! Much better!” (Duke Nuken 3D)

15. “Greetings Mortal! Are you Ready to Die?” (Hexen)

16. “Work, Work!” (Warcraft 3)

17. “Shit CJ!! Shit!!” (GTA SA)

18. “Choose your destiny” (Mortal Kombat)

19. “Fire in the hole!” (Medal of honor)

20. “Teen Minutes for the detonation” (Resident Evil 1)

21. “She was the Calamity from the skyes” (Jenova – FFVII)

22. “Come on, show me what you got...” (Dance Dance Revollution)

23. “Thank You Mario, but our princess is in another castle!” (Super Mario)

24. “You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance.” (Street Fighter 2)

25. “Shake it BABY” (Duke Nuken)

26. “You Win, Perfect” (Street Fighter 2)

27. “SEGAAAAAA” (Sonic 2 - The Hedgehog)

28. “Rise from your grave!” (Altered Beast)

29. “Flawless Victory” (Mortal Kombat)

30. “Heaven or Hell, let´s rock!” (Guilty Gear)